Students at Building Blocks suffer from impoverished home lives. Attending school functions as a safe haven, shielding them from the realities of poverty. Since the children do not have access to clean water or hygienic facilities, they are prone to many health problems and malnutrition. Enrolling in school provides these children an alternative to roaming the unhygienic streets of the slums, while their parents are working. Without the opportunities presented by the Building Blocks schools, the majority of these children would never receive an education or the chance to break the cycle of poverty.

Statistics from NSSO
There are millions of children who lack the chance to receive a basic education. According to a report done by the NSSO’s 2007 report on education, the literacy rate in India is 52%. An estimated 38% of children will start 1st grade, only about 15% of which will complete the 5th Grade.

Building Blocks is committed to breaking the poverty cycle in India by providing a free, fun-filled, safe, quality kindergarten education and nutritious meals and thus assisting slum children to enter good English medium schools.

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 If every child received an education, 171 million people would be lifted out of poverty.

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