About us

Message from Megha Gangadhar,
The Founder of Educate to Empower:

The Building Blocks Organization is one that is extremely dear to my family’s hearts. Founded by Mr. James Ambat, Building Blocks has a series of six schools spread throughout the slums of Bangalore, India. The school’s mission is to empower the poor through the gift of education. These schools continue to make a positive impact on the lives of budding children.

Education, a basic right in America, is truly a privilege in many parts of the world. After visiting one of the Building Blocks schools in my family’s hometown, Bangalore. I was saddened by the challenging living conditions these children endure, but I was also in awe after seeing the children’s motivation and desire to learn, This is why I am inspired to create awareness for the plight of these disadvantaged children. Our goal is to support as many of these slum students’ education as possible and give them the opportunity to dream. With our help, these children can break the cycle of poverty.

Message from James Ambat,
The Founder of Building Blocks Schools:

Building Blocks has been an answer to the question, “What can I contribute to the community around me to lift the poor to a higher ground?” We are overwhelmed by the poverty around us and we feel that we need millions before we can start anything. That has not been my story.

My first school with four children started in a humble garage with one teacher ten years ago. It’s like the saying,”The boat has to be in motion before the rudder can take effect.” All it took was a feeble attempt of mine to translate my urge to help the poor into reality in a simple way. Once I started, it was like the unfolding of a miraculous saga. I realised suddenly that there were so many like minded people that wanted to reach out to the poor. People from all over the world came to my door steps attracted to this project like a huge magnet. It’s so encouraging and at the same time very humbling to see Building Blocks taking on a life of its own by the fanning of the flames by the passions of people that believed in this project.
In my journey I met Megha and her family while they were visiting India. When they visited my school, they wanted to do so much to help with our needs. Since then they have used every opportunity to raise funds to help us. They have really taken up this as their baby. They have connected us to so many of their friends. They have made presentations and given speeches on behalf of Building Blocks. When one meets them, part of their conversation would have something to do with their aching dream for the poor in India.
Megha, I appreciate everything you have done for Building Blocks in the last few years and I am encouraged by what you are continuing to do to raise awareness in your community about the forgotten people of India. Thank you!