List of programs need funding

Particulars USD
Cost of sponsoring a student/month $40
Cost of sponsoring a student annually $480
Sponsorship to English Medium school of top performing student upon graduation for 10 years (if family matches) $4800
Lenovo Tablets for students to use new and online educational programs ($100/7” tablet – 21 tablets) $2100
New computers with big screen monitors for classrooms of 20 children each $400 ($400/computer – 8 computers) $3200
Power supply units with heavy duty batteries to run 6 computers for 2 to 3 hours during blackouts (UPS: Uninterrupted Power Service) $1065
After school program for 2 teachers and 1 manager for one year per school $1250 – 7 schools $8750
Be Girl Female Hygiene Kits for girls in puberty (about $15/girl) $600
Hearing & Speech screening ($1/student, 700 students, includes current & former students) $700
Dental screening ($1/student, 500 students) $500
Vision screening ($1/student, 500 students) $500
Hygiene kits (soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, hair oil, body lotion, hairbrush) for 500 students @$ 5/student $2500
Educational and Activity materials for 500 students @ $ 8/student $4000
Upkeep of tables / desks for students $600
Cost of establishing playground for Freesia school $1000
Annual Social worker & transportation costs to better engage families and graduates (2/year) $3360
Cost of hiring an educational consultant to train the 7 school managers to setup a very comprehensive system to measure the scholastic progress of each child and all teachers $2240
Graduation ceremony costs about $2 x 202 students $420
Field trip costs for 300 K5 students from all the schools going on a trip once a month in batches of 20 kids per trip. Total 150 field trips a year $5460
Celebration of Indian festivals with children- Holi, Diwali, Independence Day, Christmas, Pongal with special meals for 500 students $1500
Van for transporting students from the slums $13000
Monthly operational expenditure $15400


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